SPS 0.5W 75V Switching Diodes 1N4148 DO 35 Package

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SPS 0.5W 75V Switching Diodes 1N4148 DO 35 Package
datasheet: http://www.spsdiode.com/Datasheet/SPS-1N4148.pdf 

1N4148 is a small high-speed switching diode, which is fast in switching. It is widely used in circuits with higher signal frequencies for unidirectional isolation, communication, computer boards, television circuits and industrial control circuits.

A very common high-frequency switching diode. Including DO35, LL34, SOD323, SOT23, 0805 packages.
75V reverse withstand voltage and 150mA average forward current, very suitable for general rectification.
4pF junction capacitance and 4nS reverse recovery time are sufficient for most applications.
A small-signal high-frequency diode that is very easy to obtain, and inexpensive and versatile.

Difference between 1N4148 and 1N5819:
High frequency, low voltage, and high current characteristics are the differences between 1N5819 diodes and ordinary diodes. It is widely used in switching power supplies, inverters, drivers and other circuits for high frequency, low voltage, high current rectification, freewheeling, and protection diodes.
1N5819 is characterized by extremely fast speed (low switching loss), extremely low forward voltage drop (low voltage loss), but low reverse withstand voltage, usually less than 60V, suitable for low voltage (not higher than 12V) switching power supply.
Another use of the 1N5819 diode is voltage regulation, which takes advantage of its reverse characteristics. Therefore, when the withstand voltage is low and the current is not large, you can consider using a voltage regulator instead.
1N4148 is a point-contact, small-current, high-frequency switching diode with high speed, but the operating current is only 150mA. It is widely used in circuits with higher signal frequencies.
The reverse leakage current of the 1N5819 tube is a bit larger, but the capacitance is small and the speed is fast. But it is not as fast as 1N4148, after all, the purpose of 1N4148 is high-frequency detection, not rectification.

Difference between 1N4148 and 1N4007:
1N4148 and 1N4007 can be replaced with each other in emergency in general low current (below 100mA, reverse voltage below 100V), and unimportant occasions,
1N4148 is a small current switch tube, 100V withstand voltage,
1N4007 is a rectifier tube, 1A-1000V. There are many types of substitute models.

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