SPS Tell How the Bridge Rectifier is Packing and Packaged

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How is the bridge rectifier packing?

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How is the bridge rectifier packaged?

There are many ways to convert alternating current to direct current with a diode rectifier bridge, including half-wave rectification, full-wave rectification, and bridge rectification. The rectifier bridge is to package the four diodes of the bridge rectifier together, and only lead out four pins. Among the four pins, two DC output terminals are marked with + or -, and two AC input terminals are marked with ~.

The function of the rectifier bridge is to convert the alternating current whose level is floating around zero into unidirectional direct current through the unidirectional conduction characteristic of the diode. Usually, the rectifier bridge used in the power supply adopts four rectifier bridges in addition to this single integrated type. Realized by diodes, their principle is exactly the same, and the function is to rectify and convert alternating current into direct current.

In essence, the 4 silicon diodes are connected into a bridge rectifier circuit and then packaged together with plastic packaging. 4 pins are led out, of which 2 pins are connected to the AC power supply, indicated by the symbol ~~, and the 2 pins are DC output. +-Means. The characteristic is that it is convenient and compact, and does not occupy space.

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