SPS Through Hole Diode Rectifiers Box Bulk Packing

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SPS Through Hole Diode Rectifiers Box Bulk Packing

Package Packing MPQ

A-405 Bulk Packing 1K

DO-41 Bulk Packing 1K

R-1         Bulk Packing 1K

DO-15 Bulk Packing 0.5K

DO-27 Bulk Packing 0.25K

R-6         Bulk Packing 0.1K

DO-35 Bulk Packing 1K

A-405 1N4001S, 1N4002S, 1N4003S, 1N4004S, 1N4005S, 1N4006S,1N4007S General Purpose Plastic Rectifier

A-405 SF11, SF12, SF13, SF14, SF15, SF16, SF18 Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

DO-41 400W P4KE Series P4KE6.8CA THRU P4KE440CA Transient Voltage Suppressor TVS

DO-41 FR101, FR102, FR103, FR104, FR105, FR106, FR107 Fast Recovery Rectifier

R-1 1F1, 1F2, 1F3, 1F4, 1F5, 1F6, 1F7 Fast Recovery Rectifier

DO-15 HER151, HER152, HER153, HER154, HER155, HER156, HER157, HER158 High Efficient Rectifier

DO-15 SF21, SF22, SF23, SF24, SF25, SF26, SF28 Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

DO-27 1500W 1.5KE Series 1.5KE6.8CA THRU 1.5KE440CA Transient Voltage Suppressor TVS

DO-27 FR301, FR302, FR303, FR304, FR305, FR306, FR307 Fast Recovery Rectifier

R-6 P600A, P600B, P600D, P600G, P600J, P600K, P600M General Purpose Plastic Rectifier

DO-35 1N4148 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode

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