SPS 50A 1000V Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers Through Hole GBPC5010

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SPS 50A 1000V Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers Through Hole GBPC5010

Parameters: 50A 1000V

Forward current (Io): 50A

Reverse withstand voltage (Vrr): 1000V

Forward voltage (VF): 1000V

Inrush current (Ifsm): standard

Drain voltage (Ir): standard

Operating temperature range: -55-150

Reverse recovery time (Trr): standard

Product Features: Standard

Product Type: Flat Bridge

Number of pins: 4

Chip size: standard

Number of chips: 4

Chip material: GBP chip

Material: standard.

Low power consumption

Whether high frequency: No

Characteristic Symbol 

• GBPC50005: 50V 

• GBPC5001: 100V 

• GBPC5002: 200V 

• GBPC5004: 400V 

• GBPC5006: 600V 

• GBPC5008: 800V 

• GBPC5010: 1000V

Same models of the same series: KBP5010, GBU5010, GBJ5010

Application range of Bridge Rectifiers: 

Fluorescent lights, LED lighting, ballast lights, computer power adapters, uninterruptible power supplies, server power set-top boxes, air conditioners, LCD TVs, refrigerators, white goods, computer power management, energy meters, modem...

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