SPS 400W 6.8V-400V TVS Axial Diodes P4KE6.8CA P4KE12CA P4KE400CA DO-41 Package

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Categories: Circuit Protection TVS - Diodes         
Series: P4KE     
Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR)      
Part Status: Active         
Bidirectional Channels: 1         
Current - Peak Pulse (10/1000μs): 750mA     
Power - Peak Pulse: 400W     
Power Line Protection: No     
Applications: General Purpose         
Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ 175°C (TJ)     
Mounting Type: Through Hole     
Package / Case: DO-204AL, DO-41, Axial     

Mechanical Data
Case: JEDEC DO-41 Low Profile Molded Plastic
Terminals: Axial Leads, Solderable perMIL-STD-202, Method 208
Polarity: Cathode Band or Cathode Notch
Unidirectional – Device Code and Cathode Band
Bidirectional – Device Code Only

TVS is a high-efficiency protection device in the form of a diode. When the two poles of a TVS diode are subjected to reverse transient high-energy shocks, it can change the high impedance between its two poles into a low impedance at a speed of the order of 10-12 seconds, absorbing surge power of up to several kilowatts, making the two poles The voltage clamp is located at a predetermined value, which effectively protects precision components in electronic circuits from various surge pulses.

Application areas: computer systems, communication equipment, AC / DC power supplies, automobiles, electronic ballasts, household appliances, instruments (electric meters), RS232 / 422/423/485, I / O, LAN, ISDN, ADSL, USB, MP3, PDAS, GPS, CDMA, GSM, digital camera protection, common mode / differential mode protection, RF coupling / IC drive reception protection, motor electromagnetic interference suppression, audio / video input, sensor / transmission, industrial control loop, relay And suppression of contactor noise

TVS full range of products: P4KE, P6KE, 1.5KE, 3KP, 5KP, SA, SMAJ, SMBJ, SMCJ

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Datasheet: http://www.spsdiode.com/Datasheet/SPS-P4KE6.8CA-THRU-P4KE400CA.pdf

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