SPS Axial Diodes Rectifiers DO-15 1N5391 THRU 1N5399 DO-41 1N4728A-1N4739A-1N4764A

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SPS popular Axial Diodes Rectifiers:

DO-15 1N5391 THRU 1N5399 (1N5391, 1N5392, 1N5393, 1N5395, 1N5397, 1N5398,1N5399) General Purpose Plastic Rectifier

DO-41 Glass 1N4728A-1N4739A-1N4764A 3.3V to 100V Silicon Epitaxial Planar Zener Diodes

DO is an abbreviation of "diode", and 41 and 15 are package serial numbers.

The difference between DO-41 and DO-15 is as follows:

1. Different production specifications:

DO-41 diode body straightness diameter is in the range of 2.0mm ~ 2.7mm, the length of the diode body is between 4 ~ 5.2mm, the diameter of the two ends of the pin is between 0.71mm ~ 0.86mm, and the overall length is 25.4mm .

The diameter of DO─15 diode body is in the range of 4.8mm ~ 5.3mm, the length of the diode body is between 7.2mm ~ 9.5mm, the diameter of the pin on both ends is between 1.2mm ~ 1.32mm, the overall length is also 25.4mm.

2. the chip load capacity is different:

DO-41 has large inner and outer diameters, thicker leads, and better heat dissipation. It is used to seal larger 1.0W chips; DO-15 has smaller inner and outer diameters, thin plug leads, and is often used to package chips with ≤0.5W.

The common package types of diodes are as follows:
DO-15, DO-41, DO-27, SOD-323, SOD-523, SOD-723, SOT-23, SOT-323, SOT-523 and other packaging forms.

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